DC Jobs with Justice at The ReserveMoe Hamdan owns the upscale Washington restaurant called The Reserve on L St. NW.  Instead of using the restaurant’s income to pay the workers’ wages, he used it for his own lavish lifestyle. Some workers went six months without being paid what they are owed.  "I worked really hard as a bar boy at this restaurant," says former Reserve employee Luis Ducas, "and the owner refuses to pay me my back wages." D.C. Jobs with Justice‘s Arturo Griffiths says Hamdan owes workers over $25,000 in unpaid wages. Hamdan "has no intentions of paying his workers or even meeting with them" a former manager told Boaz Young-El, an AFL-CIO Union Summer intern. "He is unethical, immoral, and has no remorse for what he has done." So, when DC Jobs with Justice called on friends to literally blow the whistle at The Reserve this evening, my wife and I joined in. Management responded by calling the police. Officer A. O. Wilson came to the scene and said, "I have no problem with these protesters." Still, I have a problem with stealing workers’ wages. It will be nice when police take wage theft as seriously as they take shoplifting.