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In the first half hour, Richard Renner and Lindsey Williams discuss the updates in the FDA whistleblower illegal surveillance case, including Senator Grassley’s biting letter to FDA Commissioner Hamburg demanding answers about illegally intercepted communications to Congress, including to and from his office.

You can take action to protect the FDA whistleblowers and demand the government stop illegally targeting whistleblowers for surveillance here.

In the second half hour, Richard interviews Indira Talwani, the Boston attorney who represents corporate whistleblower Jackie Lawson.  Ms. Lawson blew the whistle on major corporate fraud at Fidelity Investments. Last week, in a stunning decision the First Circuit Court stripped Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) whistleblower protection from Ms. Lawson and countless other contractors and subcontractors of privately held companies. Ms. Talwani expresses her concerns about how the court’s decision will affect the ability of the public to discover corporate fraud and discusses the next steps on this critical issue.

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