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In the first half hour, Jane Turner interviews Rosemary Dew, a 13-year veteran FBI agent and author of No Backup: My Life as a Female FBI Special Agent.” Ms. Dew worked undercover against criminals, spies and terrorists, earning eight commendations. Despite her achievements, she was subjected to severe discrimination and sexual harassment. Ms. Dew and Jane explore how the climate at the FBI not only taints the experience of the FBI’s few female agents, but also leads directly to some of the bureau’s most harmful failures.

In the second segment, Lindsey Williams and Dr. Aaron Westrick discuss his experience blowing the whistle on defective bulletproof vests. As a research director for one of America’s largest body armor companies, Dr. Westrick was the first official to oppose the sale of Zylon bulletproof vests. Listen to his story of how industry put profits above the lives of law enforcement officers.

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