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Fall Interns arrive ready to advance the whistleblower cause

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We are pleased to welcome the Fall 2012 class of interns who are arriving today to help us serve whistleblowers and their cause. Pictured here are (standing) Pia, Chioma, Chad, Karima, Ricardo, Carolyn, Carson and Nick, and (seated) Megan, Ashley, Garrett and Naomi. Thank you all for dedicating this Fall semester to helping us, and don’t forget to have your… Continue Reading

British MP Julian Smith visits NWC

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British Member of Parliament Julian Smith (left in photo) today visited Stephen Kohn (right in photo) the Executive Director of the National Whistleblowers Center. Mr. Smith asked for the meeting to discuss how the United Kingdom might benefit from improved laws for whistleblowers and from an advocacy organization like NWC. Mr. Kohn explained how the United States has benefited from… Continue Reading

New interns take up the whistleblower cause

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With the change of seasons comes another class of interns.  This summer, we are pleased to have a large group of law students, and some undergraduates, who have devoted themselves to learn about whistleblower advocacy.  Pictured here are Adrian, Jane, Nate, James, Barrett, Julia, Sehra, Samantha, Abisola, Lauren, Adam, Andy, Bassim, Matt, Amber, Vicki, Simon, Russell, Joseph, and James. Thank… Continue Reading

Oranges and Sunshine, a different kind of whistleblower story

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Oranges and Sunshine is a new feature film scheduled for limited release this Friday, October 21, 2011. It is based on the book Empty Cradles by Margaret Humphreys (portrayed by Emily Watson), a social worker in Nottingham, England. Earlier in her career, it was her job to remove babies from loving parents. By 1986, she was leading a group therapy… Continue Reading

Dr. Marsha Coleman-Adebayo celebrates her NO FEAR book

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Dr. Marsha Coleman-Adebayo (pictured with Rev. Walter E. Fauntroy) celebrated the release of her new book at Busboys and Poets last night. Her book is called, NO FEAR: A Whistleblower’s Triumph Over Corruption and Retaliation at EPA.  The event began with a short documentary film produced and directed by Tylon Washington and Shawna Glover. The film began with interviews in… Continue Reading

Interns help the whistleblower cause

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We are grateful to have the assistance of new interns for the Fall.  Standing are Mark, Trevor, Daphney, Tim, Kim and Owen (our staffer for the National Whistleblowers Center). Seated are Rafaele, David, Fay and Yasin. Our intern program provides a unique learning opportunity for those interested in the law or other forms of public advocacy. These interns are already… Continue Reading

Summer interns sweating it out at NWC

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We are so thankful to have the services this Summer from this fine group of interns: Pictured here, from the left, are Emily, Michael, Zach, Ramina, Anna, Shawn, Dasha, Adam and Cho.  Not pictured: Danielle, Daniel, Parth, Andrew, Lillian and Sara. Thank you, interns.  If you are interested in being a future intern with us, follow this link.… Continue Reading

Whistleblowers host book signing party for Stephen Kohn

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Fourteen whistleblowers hosted a book signing party last night for Stephen Kohn’s new book, The Whistleblower’s Handbook. Pictured here are:  Jane Turner, Jim Murtagh, Bunnatine "Bunny" Greenhouse, Dr. Marsha Coleman-Adebayo, Bill Sanjour, Russell Tice, Kiki Ikossi, Jim Bobreski, Dr. David L. Lewis, Tom Hunter, Linda Tripp, Marita Murphy, Dr. Frederic Whitehurst, and Bassem Youssef. You can still buy The Whistleblower’s… Continue Reading

New interns arrive to help whistleblower cause

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Springtime in Washington means cherry blossoms and new interns. We are pleased to have the dedicated assistance of this fine group of interns for the Spring semester: Pictured here are (standing, from the left), Ryan, Milan, Christoffer, Scott, Luis, Jesse, Jonathan, Shane; and (seated, from the left), Julia, Karen, Estelle Kohn (Deputy Director of the National Whistleblowers Center), Saundra and… Continue Reading

More interns working on whistleblower cases

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We are pleased to have even more interns joining us this semester. You can see our first group of interns (who are still with us) here.  Standing are Christopher, Jesse, David, David, Zach, Shane, Milan and Naoki. Seated are Sabeen, Karen, Ryan, Sabrina and Whitney. Thank you all for your dedication to our cause. To learn more about our internship… Continue Reading

New NWC interns arrive with enthusiasm

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The National Whistleblowers Center received a new group of interns today.  They arrived with marked enthusiasm to help individuals and the common good.  Here they are: In the top row are David, Sabrina, Whitney and Zach. Seated are Katie, Andrew and Sabeen.  Welcome and thank you for your decision to work with us.… Continue Reading

Kohn recalls “sad day” under Espionage Act

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Stephen M. Kohn, Executive Director of the National Whistleblowers Center, wrote a history lesson published today by England’s Guardian. Responding to recent calls to prosecute WikiLeaks and Bradley Manning under the 1917 Espionage Act, Kohn recounts how the Espionage Act was actually used. "The law has nothing to do with prosecuting spies. From its inception, it had everything to do… Continue Reading

NWC’s Lindsey Williams receives “Restore Integrity Award”

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Lindsey Williams, Advocacy Director of the National Whistleblowers Center (NWC), received the “Restore Integrity Award” from Popular, Inc. In its announcement today, Popular, Inc., captioned its award to my colleague by saying: Attorney Lindsey M. Williams, Advocacy Director for the National Whistleblowers Center, for demonstrating her commitment through POPULAR to helping poor and other disadvantaged people access affordable and competent… Continue Reading

NWC hosts international visitors

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On November 19, 2010, the National Whistleblowers Center (NWC) hosted a visit by Middle Eastern officials as part of the State Department’s Transparency in Government project for the Near East. The program offered a view of the role of citizens, media and private non-profit advocacy in fostering transparency and accountability in government. Visitors learned about the uneven patchwork of whistleblower… Continue Reading

NWC speaks with ATU Local 689

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Today Lindsey Williams and I spoke with the Executive Board of Local 689, Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU).Local 689 represents employees of Washington DC’s Metro system. Lindsey is the Advocacy Director of the National Whistleblowers Center (NWC). We spoke about the National Transit System Security Act (NTSSA) of 2007, 6 USC §1142. I have been looking forward to this opportunity for… Continue Reading

Fall 2010 interns dazzle in new roles

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We are pleased to host a new group of interns here for the semester: Pictured here are (from the top) Matt, (next row) Afshin, Caroline, (middle row) Nobuya, Breann, Juliana, (front row) Liz, Saki and Leigh. We already appreciate how these interns can dive into a firehose of work so quickly.  We could not accomplish all we do without their… Continue Reading

Aviation’s margin of safety, regulatory capture and FAA Whistleblowers Alliance

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Two letters to the editor printed in today’s Washington Post reminded me of a meeting I attended in May of the FAA Whistleblowers Alliance. One of today’s letters was from the Potomac TRACON local of the National Air Traffic Controllers Association. The other letter, by FAA Administrator Randy Babbitt, extolled the virtues of the FAA’s Partnership for Safety program which… Continue Reading

Peace Warriors visit NWC

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I just had a delightful visit this morning from the Peace Warriors.  They are a group of middle and high school students from the Southeast neighborhood of Washington, DC.  They are spending the summer learning about how individuals can make a positive difference through nonviolent action. Today they learned about famous whistleblowers of history, like John Woolman (who blew the… Continue Reading

Whistleblower Bobby Maxwell tells CNN about slipshod MMS inspections

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Last month, CNN’s Special Investigations Unit released a story about Bobby Maxwell’s experience as an inspector for the U.S. Department of Interior’s Minerals Management Service (MMS). The main point of the story is how MMS was infused with a "culture of corruption," and its slipshod inspections missed opportunities to prevent the Deepwater Horizon explosion. The story also mentions that Maxwell… Continue Reading

NWC Summer Interns for 2010

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The warmer summer days here in Georgetown bring us a new class of interns.  I am pleased to share this photo of our 2010 NWC Summer Interns:   Pictured here are (top row): Will, Harsh, Arthur, Josh and Nate; (middle) Gregory and TJ; (front) Kevin, Emily, Ri, Liz and Diane.  Not pictured: Margot, Phil and Tomi.  We know this is… Continue Reading

NWC benefits from new group of interns

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The National Whistleblowers Center (NWC) could not get so much done this year without the help of this inspiring group of interns. If you are a graduate or undergraduate student interested in an internship here, contact our Program Director Estelle Kohn. Pictured here are (top row) Ryan, Jacqueline, Phil and Tom; (next row) Amy, Montana and Peter; (next row, on… Continue Reading

Business ethics class asks about whistleblowing

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I had the pleasure this evening of speaking to Prof. Jane Uebelhoer’s business ethics class at Marymount University in Ballston, Virginia, this evening.  The class was inquisitive, and we had a wide ranging discussion about the history of whistleblower protections, current controversies and the need for new legislation.  They were surprised to learn that our nation’s patchwork of whistleblower laws… Continue Reading

New interns advance whistleblower cause

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We are pleased to have the talents and energy of a new group of interns for this winter semester.  Here they are: Top row: Michelle, Jacquie, Jamie. Next row: Quinn, Caitlin. Penultimate row: Ryan, Kevin, Tom. Bottom row: Amanda, Amy, Kylie, Lauren. Not pictured: Kevin, Megan, Phil. We remain indebted to our interns for their innumerable contributions and limitless energy.… Continue Reading