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The False Claims Act Works

Posted in False Claims / Qui Tam
The Chamber of Commerce has commenced a well-financed and aggressive lobbying campaign to undermine America’s most effective whistleblower law, the False Claims Act. To justify its anti-whistleblower campaign the Chamber published a report entitled, “Fixing the False Claims Act: the Case For Compliance-Focused Reforms.” This is the first posts in a series the purpose of which is to combat the … Continue Reading

D.C. Councilmember Mary Cheh introduces whistleblower bill to curb tax evasion

Posted in False Claims / Qui Tam
District of Columbia Councilmember Mary Cheh introduced the "False Claims Act of 2013," which will amend the D.C. False Claims Act to permit whistleblowers to bring tax-related fraud claims. If enacted into law, the bill would permit whistleblowers to seek a qui tam or relator's share when the amount of uncollected tax is worth $350,000 or more, and brought against taxpayers who have an income above $1 million… Continue Reading

Record Recoveries under False Claims Act

Posted in False Claims / Qui Tam
  The Justice Department confirmed in a release issued on December 4 that it has been a record year for recoveries from the False Claims Act.  In fact 2012 garnered the DOJ the “largest annual recovery in Department history.” Most of the recoveries were from actions filed under the whistleblower/qui tam provisions of the FCA.  The DOJ release notes, “Of … Continue Reading

NYC Council to Vote on Whistleblower Bills

Posted in Legislation
Today, the New York City Council will vote on three whistleblower laws. I had the opportunity to testify about these three bills on April 16th this year before the Committee on Governmental Affairs. The NWC supports the NYC Council’s efforts to improve whistleblower protections. Proposed Int. No. 479-A requires city contractors and subcontractors to post a notice informing employees about … Continue Reading

DOJ Backs Ink Company Whistleblower

Posted in Whistleblowing Works
Last week the U.S. Department of Justice announced that it has intervened in a whistleblower lawsuit brought against an ink manufacturer for skirting the payment of import duties. The case against Toyo Ink is still in its early stages, but government intervention is a significant victory for the whistleblower, John Dickson. When employees are harassed or fired for reporting misconduct, fighting … Continue Reading

NWC to Testify on New York City False Claims Act

Posted in Legislation
This Monday, April 16, 2012, NWC Director of Advocacy & Development Lindsey Williams will testify before the New York City Council in support of strengthening whistleblower protections included in proposed legislation, including the local False Claims Act. The hearing will commence at 10:00am in the 16th Floor Committee Room, 250 Broadway, New York, NY. The City Council will broadcast a … Continue Reading

This Week on Honesty Without Fear

Posted in Honesty Without Fear Radio
Tune in tomorrow at 1:00pm EDT to Honesty Without Fear on Progressive Radio Network. In the first half hour, David Colapinto interviews peace activist Kevin Zeese, Co-Chair of Come Home America, about the ongoing hearing for PFC Bradley Manning and the campaigns by the Bradley Manning Support Network to support his release. Demand an end to the cruel and unusual … Continue Reading

Grassley Calls for Improvements to IRS Whistleblower Office

Posted in Tax Whistleblowers
Yesterday, Senator Grassley (R-IA) released a letter sent to Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Commissioner Douglas Shulman concerning the progress of the IRS Whistleblower Office. Senator Grassley thanked the IRS for “making good faith efforts to embrace whistleblowers instead of reverting to the old culture of treating them like skunks at a picnic,” but said he remains concerned that the long … Continue Reading

IRS Guidelines Discourage Whistleblowers

Posted in Tax Whistleblowers
Today, Tax Analysts published an article about how Internal Revenue Service (IRS) guidelines can result in whistleblower awards being unfairly reduced. The Government Accountability Project, No FEAR Coalition and National Whistleblowers Center sent a letter to IRS Commissioner Shulman on August 10, 2011 requesting that the IRS immediately revise their Internal Revenue Manual’s factors for determining whether a whistleblower should … Continue Reading

Whistleblower Trial Against Blackwater Begins

Posted in News
In 2008, two former employees brought a whistleblower lawsuit against the security firm once known as Blackwater (now named Xe Services). On July 27, the trial began in Alexandria, Virginia and is expected to last two weeks. The two whistleblowers allege that the company overcharged the federal government millions of dollars for their services in Iraq and Afghanistan, among other … Continue Reading