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The FCA Strongly Encourages Businesses to Maintain Effective Internal Compliance Programs

Posted in Corporate Whistleblowers, False Claims / Qui Tam
ComplianceProgramThe Chamber of Commerce has commenced a well-financed and aggressive lobbying campaign to undermine America’s most effective whistleblower law, the False Claims Act. To justify its anti-whistleblower campaign the Chamber published a report entitled, “Fixing the False Claims Act: the Case For Compliance-Focused Reforms.” The purpose of this blog series is to combat the Chamber’s misinformation, and explain why the … Continue Reading

“From Whistleblower to RICO Claimant”

Posted in Corporate Whistleblowers
Originally Published by FCPA Compliance and Ethics Blog Author: Thomas Fox The holiday season is past and many of us have returned to work. However, if you are a Chief Compliance Officer (CCO) there is a gift that you may wish to give yourself, it is “The Whistleblower’s Handbook – A Step-by-Step Guide to Doing What’s Right and Protecting Yourself” … Continue Reading