We told you that Obama’s hardest promise would be protecting whistleblowers. 

According to today’s Washington Post, he just might be up for it.

Many of us in the whistleblower community of supporters have been cautiously optimistic about the opportunity to pass truly meaningful whistleblower protection laws under an Obama administration. The President-elect has a history of supporting whistleblowers, in fact, as a young lawyer he worked representing whistleblower Dr. Janet Chandler in a False Claims Act case that eventually wound its way to the Supreme Court. As a Senator, Obama supported legislation to protect government employees from retaliation when they report waste, fraud and abuse. Now as he prepares to take office, he has again, via the transition team website, reiterated his support for whistleblowers.


There is much reason for optimism, and all signs point to continued support from the Obama Administration, but we must also be cautious. Many a politician or corporate manager have vowed to strive for the highest ethical standards, to hold the powerful in check…that is, until they attained those positions of power. The voices of dissent are often not so appealing when they are bringing to light problems with which you must deal.


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