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Monthly Archives: January 2009

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Encouraging Whistleblowers

Posted in Corporate Whistleblowers, News
Today’s Christian Science Monitor has an excellent article on what companies need to do to encourage whistleblower reports. Employers large and small should be thinking about this especially because fraud reports are rising as the economy falters.… Continue Reading

Audit Firm Finds White-Collar Fraud and Whistleblower Complaints Are on the Rise

Posted in Corporate Whistleblowers
A leading global risk-management company, Kroll, Inc., has issued a new report finding that one of the unfortunate byproducts of our current global financial crisis will be an uptick in white collar crimes, particularly corporate fraud. As the Kroll report describes the situation, companies experiencing lean profits will have increased incentives to engage in fraudulent behaviour. More companies ‘cooking the… Continue Reading

Three Ways You Can Help Advance Whistleblower Rights

Posted in Corporate Whistleblowers, Events, Government Whistleblowers
The dawning of a new administration is upon us, and with it comes an opportunity for whistleblower rights supporters to make their voices heard, and to achieve real changes to our ineffective whistleblower laws. Over the past couple of years, Congress has inched towards reforming whistleblower laws for government and corporate employees, but the constant threat of veto from the… Continue Reading