NWC nabbed an exclusive interview with Jamison Firestone, the law partner and friend of Sergei Magnitsky – a whistleblower whose disturbing story reveals the ruthlessness and corruption of the Russian government. Sergei was tortured and killed after he exposed the looting of Russian taxpayers’ money.

Mr. Firestone explains how Sergei discovered a $230 million fraud in which legitimate Russian businesses were overtaken, and forged documents were used to obtain tax refunds that fattened the pockets of organized criminals as well as the crooked tax officials who approved the fraudulent transfers. Mistakenly believing that the Medvedev Administration would support his efforts to fight corruption, Sergei took a stand against this massive fraud, and filed numerous complaints with Russian law enforcement agencies. He never expected that his testimony against Russian officials would lead to his arrest and detention without trial for 51 weeks. Mr. Firestone describes the horrifying details of Sergei’s squalid prison conditions, and exposes the vicious cruelty by Russian officials who retaliated against Sergei and his family when he refused to change his story. Mr. Firestone explains the cozy relationships between the investigators and perpetrators of the crime, and reveals the shameful attempts by the Russian government to cover up their horrible actions and intimidate Sergei’s family. You won’t want to miss this explosive story – listen here.

Check out the Russian Untouchable’s website for more about Sergei’s story.