In the latest review of ‘The New Whistleblower’s Handbook: A Step-By-Step Guide To Doing What’s Right And Protecting Yourself’, Dennis Moore, Associate Editor of East County Magazine and a whistleblower himself, sums up the book as “a crash course for potential whistleblowers… that outlines the most up-to-date laws – revealing how to qualify for rewards, how to protect yourself from retaliation, and, of course, how to win your case”.

In his review, ‘How to Be Rewarded for Being a Whistleblower’ Moore highlights the major insights of the book: “In The New Whistleblower’s Handbookreaders discover:

·         The power of whistleblowing, which is statistically the number one source of all fraud detection and the highest form of citizen empowerment;

·         The difference between “whistleblowers” and “leakers”;

·         How federal employees can blow the whistle on the new administration – the options they have, and how they can be effective;

·         Why rewards for whistleblowers are the key to success, helping put the wrongdoers on trial;

·         How whistleblowing has changed because of ways to report anonymously – allowing whistleblowers to hide their identities, escape retaliation, and obtain rewards;

·         How the National Whistleblower Center is working to clarify the rights of wildlife whistleblowers, offering a special online confidential reporting process (located at;

·         While international whistleblower laws are weak or non-existent, U.S. programs are the best resources available to citizens from around the globe – if we can figure out U.S. jurisdiction, we can help foreign whistleblowers as well.”

The newly released Handbook is the third edition of the first-ever consumer guide to whistleblowing by the nation’s leading whistleblower attorney, Stephen Kohn. Order your copy now to know your rights and protect yourself when reporting corruption.

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    I am glad that there are more incentives to be a whistleblower and not a leaker. Something may be wrong but publicly announcing it to the public might not be the best course of action. Making sure the people who are in the wrong are held responsible for their actions and do not continue. This is something that we need to continue working on and making the system better.