National Whistleblower Day

 On July 30, the National Whistleblower Center hosts a series of interactive online panels to commemorate National Whistleblower Day.  The live event will be from 12:00 pm – 2:15 pm EDT and feature speeches and panel discussions by whistleblowers, whistleblowers advocates, and public officials. Register for the free live stream here.

One featured panel is titled “Tools for Whistleblowers,” and airs from 1:45 pm – 2:15 pm EDT.  The panelists will discuss questions of interest to whistleblowers and potential whistleblowers who are working to reduce corruption and promote democracy.

Some of the questions to be addressed by the panel include:

  • What are the key factors in the recent successes of federal whistleblower programs, and how can they be applied more broadly to address corruption in all segments of society?
  • How do the whistleblower reward laws impact compliance programs?
  • How do they improve the ability of law enforcement to detect and prosecute white collar crime?
  • What are the most significant barriers to enlisting whistleblowers to address corruption?
  • How can whistleblower-assisted prosecutions be improved to achieve greater justice and accountability?

The panelists and moderator are:

  • Robert Jackson, Professor, New York University Law School; Former Commissioner, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission
  • Donna Boehme, Principal, Compliance Strategists LLC
  • Stephen Kohn, A Founding Partner at Kohn, Kohn & Colapinto and Co-Founder and Chairman, National Whistleblower Center;
  • Moderator: Mark Toney, Director, National Whistleblower Center; Executive Director, The Utility Reform Network

Register to watch the live panel here.

Sign the petition to have Congress designate July 30th as National Whistleblower Day