National Whistleblower Day

Mark Worth is a whistleblower advocate, investigative journalist, public interest activist, author, and publisher. He is the Executive Director of the European Center for Whistleblower Rights and is the founder of many organizations, campaigns, and publications.

Mark is one of the world's top experts on whistleblower policy and practice, and has held leadership positions in several international and regional whistleblower organizations:

He is a member of the UNODC Expert Group on Whistleblowing. He has served as a consultant and researcher for many organizations including the UN, European Commission, Council of Europe, OECD and APEC.

Mark has worked for many international and national advocacy organizations, including Public Citizen, Transparency International, and Food & Water Europe, and many media companies, including the New York Times and McClatchy. He is the co-founder of two independent newsmagazines and has been an editor, staff writer, and columnist at many publications.

He is the co-recipient of the 1994 Investigative Reporters and Editors award for magazine writing for an investigation of chemically injured workers at Boeing factories published in the Washington Free Press, which he co-founded in 1992.

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