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Proposed Grassley Amendment Important for Whistleblowers

Posted in Tax Justice for Whistleblowers, Tax Whistleblowers
Proposed Grassley Amendment Important for WhistleblowersWashington, D.C. November 15, 2017. Senator Charles Grassley (R-IA) has put forth two amendments to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Bill that are important to whistleblowers. The major amendment addresses an issue that has been the subject of previous posts, defining the term “collected proceeds” in I.R.C. section 7623(b).  The IRS and Department of Justice have taken the position whistleblowers… Continue Reading

The Need for Whistleblowers in “Top Secret America”

Posted in National Security
There is an even smaller group of employees who are willing to risk their careers to protect the American people. In order to create oversight and protections for national security employees, Congress must immediately pass the Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act (H.R. 1507) and the President must sign it into law.… Continue Reading

Senate Whistleblower Hearing Thursday! Contact Congress Today!

Posted in Government Whistleblowers
During the last year, you sent over 11,000 messages to Congress demanding stronger whistleblower protection.  Thank you for your support!  Congress heard you, and this Thursday, June 11th, the Senate is holding a hearing on amendments to the Whistleblower Protection Act.  The Senate legislation currently lacks two critical provisions – universal coverage for all federal employees, including national security employees,… Continue Reading

Vote for Whistleblower Protection on Change.org

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As you know, the recent financial meltdown and the Madoff scandal have highlighted the importance of protecting whistleblowers.  Employees that have the courage to stand up for the protection of American taxpayers  should be treated with the respect they deserve.  As the new Administration and Congress prepare to revitalize the economy we must ensure that oversight and accountability are central… Continue Reading