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A Letter From Bunny Greenhouse

Posted in Government Whistleblowers
Back in 2003, Bunny Greenhouse blew the whistle on no bid contracts to Halliburton that were doled out by the Bush Administration in the run-up to the Iraq War. Since then she has suffered her share of hardships, having been harassed and demoted from her position of Chief Contracting Officer for the US Army Corps of Engineers. Ms. Greenhouse realizes… Continue Reading

TODAY — Whistleblower Legislation Committee Vote

Posted in Legislation
  At 3:00 PM TODAY there will be a Rules Committee meeting to vote on amendments to the stimulus legislation. One of the amendments under consideration would include whistleblower protection in the bill This is the optimal time for Congress to pass meaningful whistleblower protection! We are urging everyone to Take Action and tell your Congressman to support amending the… Continue Reading

Three Ways You Can Help Advance Whistleblower Rights

Posted in Corporate Whistleblowers, Events, Government Whistleblowers
The dawning of a new administration is upon us, and with it comes an opportunity for whistleblower rights supporters to make their voices heard, and to achieve real changes to our ineffective whistleblower laws. Over the past couple of years, Congress has inched towards reforming whistleblower laws for government and corporate employees, but the constant threat of veto from the… Continue Reading