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Supreme Court Will Hear False Claims Act Case

Posted in False Claims / Qui Tam, News
The U.S. Supreme Court has granted a writ of certiorari in the case of Eisenstein v. New York. Eisenstein is a qui tam action brought by municipal employees in New York City. The complaint makes a rather unique argument, alleging that NYC is depriving the federal government of tax revenue by requiring city employees who are non-city residents to pay "a… Continue Reading

Garcetti defense hits a snag

Posted in Government Whistleblowers
 When the United States Supreme Court issued the controversial 5-4 decision in Garcetti v. Ceballos, 547 U.S. 410 (2006), whistleblower advocates were rightly upset about the huge loophole the Court created for government officials who retaliate against whistleblowers.  The Supreme Court held that the First Amendment does not protect public employees when they are raising concerns as a part of their official… Continue Reading