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Sessions’ Memo To DOJ Threatens Whistleblower Rights

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Sessions' Memo To DOJ Threatens Whistleblower RightsIn a memo dated January 29, 2018, Attorney General Jeff Sessions instructed Department of Justice (DOJ) heads to not communicate with “senators, representatives, congressional committees, or congressional staff” without first consulting with the DOJ Office of Legislative Affairs (OLA). Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA), a long-time advocate for whistleblower rights, has expressed his concern regarding the legality of the Attorney Sessions’… Continue Reading

NWC Condemns CIA Whistleblower Indictment

Posted in National Security
The Department of Justice’s policy of distorting privacy laws to pursue and discredit whistleblowers continues. The Associated Press reported yesterday that a former CIA officer, John Kiriakou, is being charged with leaking classified information after publicly expressing concerns over the use of torture during interrogations. The National Whistleblowers Center obtained a copy of the indictment, available here. In the indictment,… Continue Reading

DOJ drops investigation of NSA whistleblower Thomas Tamm

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In 2005, Thomas Tamm worked for the Justice Department’s Office of Intelligence Policy and Review. He leaked information to the New York Times that exposed how the National Security Agency (NSA) was conducting illegal wiretaps. In 2008, Sam Dratch urged here against prosecution of Tamm.  Numerous news sources are reporting this week that the Department of Justice (DOJ) has decided… Continue Reading

Horton reports again on Obama Administration’s “war on whistleblowers”

Posted in National Security
In April 2009, the Department of Justice (DOJ) served a subpoena on New York Times reporter James Risen. DOJ wants to know his source for a story he published in his book, State of War: The Secret History of the CIA and the Bush Administration. The book describes a horribly botched CIA effort to disrupt the Iranian nuclear program. DOJ’s issued an earlier subpoena during the Bush… Continue Reading

NWC Demands Attorney General Hold the Offshore Oil Industry Liable for Fraud in the Gulf

Posted in Environmental Whistleblowers, False Claims / Qui Tam
Attorneys for the NWC submitted a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder calling for an investigation of BP and the entire oil industry, including contractors and subcontractors, for fraud committed against the U.S. government. The letter explains that the False Claims Act, the most powerful law available to deter fraud and enforce federal regulations, is the best legal to available to the Department of Justice to hold BP accountable for the full extent of their actions.… Continue Reading

Senator Grassley Backs UBS Whistleblower, Swiss Parliament Rejects DOJ UBS Deal

Posted in Corporate Whistleblowers, Tax Whistleblowers
In the past 24 hours there have been significant developments in the case of UBS whistleblower Bradley Birkenfeld. Three years ago, the former UBS banker provided the U.S. government with detailed information on how to identify the names of 19,000 American citizens who held illegal secret bank accounts at UBS bank in Switzerland. He reported the largest tax fraud scheme in history, and for the first time there was a crack in the vault of Swiss bank secrecy...… Continue Reading

Camp Delta Sergeant Joe Hickman blows the whistle on Guantánamo “Suicides”

Posted in National Security
In its March issue, Harpers Magazine challenges the official and widely reported story that three prisoners being held in Guantanamo Bay committed suicide in an act of "asymmetrical warfare." The article, written by Scott Horton, is based largely on observations of whistleblower Joe Hickman, the highly decorated Staff Sergeant who was on duty as the guard for Camp America's exterior security force the night the "suicides" occurred.… Continue Reading

Sibel Edmonds’ Deposition Saturday

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On Tuesday the National Whistleblowers Center (NWC) released a statement inviting the press to the deposition of Ms. Sibel Edmonds.  The Ohio Elections Commission then made it clear that the deposition must be closed to the press. However, the proceedings will eventually be available on video. In addition, Ms. Edmonds and her attorneys will be available outside of the NWC… Continue Reading

False Claims Act Whistleblower Puts a Stop to Abuse at PA Psychiatric Hospital

Posted in False Claims / Qui Tam, Healthcare
Yesterday, I blogged about a pending multi-million dollar False Claims Act (FCA) lawsuit agains Pharm giant Wyeth. Today’s news brings another example of how the FCA can be used to bring gross misconduct to light. This case, involving a western Pennsylvania psychiatric institution has settled for far less money than many of the more highly publicized FCA cases, but the… Continue Reading

Whistleblowers Help DOJ Recover $1 Billion in Government Contractor Fraud Scams in FY 2008

Posted in False Claims / Qui Tam, Healthcare, Legislation, News
Did you know that whistleblowers reporting under the False Claims Act have accounted for over $1 Billion in recovered federal and state taxpayer dollars this (fiscal) year alone?  This Marketwatch.com article details the biggest fraud recoveries in ’08, including hundreds of millions of dollars from companies such as Amerigroup, Merck, Bechtel, CVS, and Pratt & Whitney.  Despite these results, the False Claims Act… Continue Reading

DOJ Dropping Criminal Charges Against Whistleblower

Posted in National Security, News
This weekend, The Detroit News reported that the remaining federal criminal charges against DOJ whistleblower Richard Convertino will be dropped. Mr. Convertino, a career federal prosecutor, was hit with conspiracy and obstruction charges after blowing the whistle on DOJ mismanagement of terror investigations. Click here to read the article Click here to sign up for our RSS feed  … Continue Reading

$670 Million False Claims Act Settlement from Merck Flying Under the Radar

Posted in False Claims / Qui Tam, News, Pharmaceuticals
I would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone that the False Claims Act is supposed to be a Whistleblower law. Something is strange when there’s a 670 Million Dollar settlement under this law and it’s actually pretty hard to find out what happened. (The only reports I could find were in the Corporate Crime Reporter and a paragraph five mention… Continue Reading