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Federal Employee Whistleblowers Denied Due Process

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Army Corp of Engineers whistleblower Dr. Toni Savage.Washington Post reports: Trump’s lack of appointments creating intolerable backlog of cases. Washington, D.C. November 22, 2017. For years, whistleblowers have complained about the political nature of the Merit System Protections Board.  Federal employees cannot have their whistleblower cases heard in federal district court, but instead must go before the MSPB, which is appointed by the President.… Continue Reading

CBS Evening News: FDA spying on their own scientists

Posted in FDA Whistleblowers
NWC Executive Director Stephen Kohn spoke to CBS Evening News tonight about the chilling effect the FDA’s illegal whistleblower surveillance program has on employees’ willingness to report serious health and safety issues. You can TAKE ACTION to stop the government’s highly intrusive and harmful surveillance program by sending an email to your elected officials.… Continue Reading

NWC Response to Article Documenting Illegal FDA Surveillance

Posted in FDA Whistleblowers
Today, the New York Times released a groundbreaking story on the government’s secret spying program on a group of whistleblowers employed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  Stephen M. Kohn, the Executive Director of the National Whistleblower Center and the lead attorney for the FDA whistleblowers, issued the following statement: We hope that the revelations in today’s New York… Continue Reading

NWC Demands Immediate Release of FDA Spying Documents

Posted in FDA Whistleblowers
Last week, the National Whistleblowers Center filed a motion for preliminary injunction under the Freedom of Information Act in U.S. District Court in DC. The motion has been filed in order to get the FDA to release all documents pertaining to their illegal surveillance of employees’ private email correspondence. NWC has a limited number of documents that show the FDA… Continue Reading

Whistleblowers Expose FDA’s Illegal Surveillance of Employees

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As reported in today's Washington Post, six current and former employees of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have filed a complaint against the FDA in U.S. District Court. The employees are seeking an injunction to stop the agency from illegally spying on employees' private communications to Congress and other oversight agencies.… Continue Reading

‘Project Gunrunner’ Scandal Heats Up

Posted in Government Whistleblowers
In January 2011, scandal broke out over “Project Gunrunner,” a program of the Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives agency (ATF). The intended goal of “Project Gunrunner” was to limit the flow of firearms into Mexico through close surveillance of undercover gun purchases. ATF agents encouraged gun shops to sell machinery to “straw buyers”—people who buy weapons in the US with… Continue Reading

What’s Wrong With The Senate Whistleblower Bill? – Part 11

Posted in Legislation
XI: IS FILING A NATIONAL SECURITY WHISTLEBLOWER CASE UNDER S. 372 MALPRACTICE PER SE? Simply wasting many years and thousands of dollars in a new bureaucracy that Franz Kafka would have marveled at is not enough unto itself to say that filing a claim under the Senate provisions would constitute legal malpractice. However, Title II of S. 372 is not so benign. It is a retaliators fantasy.… Continue Reading

What’s Wrong With The Senate Whistleblower Bill? – Continues Monday

Posted in Legislation
The NWC’s series "What’s Wrong With The Senate Whistleblower Bill" examining specific weaknesses in the Senate Bill will continue on Monday. If you would like more information on the Senate Bill please read NWC General Counsel David K. Colapinto’s legal analysis or visit the NWC’s Federal Employee Whistleblower Protection page. You can also read the recent press on the Senate… Continue Reading

What’s Wrong With The Senate Whistleblower Bill?

Posted in Legislation
The Senate Bill added a dangerous clause within the definition of "protected disclosure." Under this new definition, federal employees who disclose any violation of law are protected, unless their disclosure was "a minor, inadvertent violation that occurs during the conscientious carrying out of the violator's assigned duties."… Continue Reading

House Victory for Whistleblowers, On to the Senate!

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Just minutes ago the House of Representatives approved the Platts-Van Hollen amendment to the stimulus package granting whistleblower protection to federal employees and contractors.  Thanks to your action, House members recognized the critical role whistleblowers play in oversight and accountability and the House has approved excellent whistleblower provisions contained in the former H.R. 985.  The amendment was adopted on a… Continue Reading