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NWC Joins SCOTUS Amicus Brief with FBI Whistleblowers

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NWC Joins SCOTUS Amicus Brief with FBI WhistleblowersEarlier today, the National Whistleblower Center (NWC) joined a friend-of-the-court brief filed with the Supreme Court in support of FBI whistleblower John Parkinson’s petition for certiorari, seeking review of the Federal Circuit’s decision denying veterans’ preference-eligible FBI employees the right to raise whistleblowing as an affirmative defense in an appeal to the Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB). The amicus brief,… Continue Reading

FBI Whistleblower Featured in Timberjay News

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Jane Turner - Whistleblower Leadership CouncilFBI Whistleblower Jane Turner was featured in a September 9th article in the Timberjay Newspapers. Ms. Turner, the co-chair of the National Whistleblower Center’s “Whistleblower Leadership Council,” discusses her journey as a whistleblower in the article. The courage and sacrifices of whistleblowers like Jane Turner need to be recognized and celebrated. Ms. Turner recently gave a moving speech honoring whistleblowers… Continue Reading

FBI Whistleblower Jane Turner’s Case Featured In Washington Post

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FBI Whistleblower Jane TurnerOn March 4, 2015  the Senate Judiciary Committee held a hearing on the lack of whistleblower protections for FBI employees. A focus of the hearing was a February 2015 report by the Government Accountability Office (GAO), which found that whistleblower protections at the FBI are weaker than at any other agency. The GAO Report found that the Department of Justice’s FBI… Continue Reading

FBI Whistleblower Jane Turner Discusses Her Whistleblowing Experiences

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In an article on the legal news website, Lawyers and Settlements, FBI whistleblower Jane Turner discuses her whistleblowing experiences.  In the article “FBI Whistleblower Regrets Nothing,”  Turner says “It destroyed me to lose the job that meant so much to me.” However, “I thought if I don’t speak up, who will?” she stated. Read the full article here.… Continue Reading

One Case Overturned. How Many More to Come?

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Dr. Frederic Whitehurst took on the FBI because he knew that defendants had been wrongly convicted on the basis of seriously flawed testimony by the FBI crime lab. On Wednesday, the Washington Post reported that the D.C. Superior Court overturned the conviction of a man who wrongly served 28 years in prison for killing a taxi driver. It is amazing… Continue Reading

Washington Times Covers Department of no-Justice

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This week The Washington Times published a lament of Attorney General Eric Holder’s treatment of FBI whistleblowers based on a public complaint from Senator Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa). The article is aptly titled, “Grassley: Whistleblower Cases Stuck ‘in limbo’ Under Holder." In his letter, Senator Grassley declared that, “perpetual delays for resolving FBI whistleblower cases at the Department of Justice,” led… Continue Reading

Grand Jury Report Sheds Light on McQueary’s Whistleblower Status

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There has been much debate about whether Coach Mike McQueary is a whistleblower. While the NWC takes no position on the outcome of the investigation, there are two facts that are important to note. First, McQueary’s initial report as a graduate assistant to his supervisor, Joe Paterno, was a protected disclosure under Pennsylvania law. The Pennsylvania whistleblower law protects employees… Continue Reading

Jane Turner discusses McQueary’s whistleblower status on MSNBC

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NWC’s Jane Turner was interviewed today on MSNBC about the Penn State child abuse scandal and whether Coach Mike McQueary is a whistleblower. Tune in to Honesty Without Fear tomorrow to hear Jane and Steve Kohn discuss this question in more detail, or listen to the archived show after it airs. You can find out more about Jane Turner and… Continue Reading

Jane Turner Issues Statement on Penn State Child Abuse Scandal

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Today, FBI whistleblower Jane Turner issued a statement on the Penn State child sex abuse scandal. Jane Turner, a 25-year veteran Agent, blew the whistle on the FBI’s failure to provide protection for child sex crime victims on the North Dakota Indian Reservations. Ms. Turner reported the allegations to the highest level of the FBI, including Director Mueller. Her allegations… Continue Reading

Whistleblowers Are Not Terrorists

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Section 403 strips any protection for whistleblowers. It stifles speaking the truth to power, and it shuts down any access to courts and due process. But even sadder, it devalues acts of courage and patriotism and destroys them completely and ruthlessly.… Continue Reading

An FBI Whistleblower’s Experience: Jane Turner’s Blog

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By: Jane Turner I find that the most amazing part of being an FBI whistleblower is watching while FBI managers who are directly involved in misconduct, malfeasance, obstruction, or criminal activity–which whistleblowers bring to light–are rewarded, promoted, and/or given bonuses. The Director of the FBI did not even have the common courtesy to exile the guilty parties to Butte, Montana… Continue Reading

An FBI Whistleblower’s Experience: Jane Turner’s Blog Post #3

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By: Jane Turner The world of federal whistleblowers is a very small one. I have met Sibel Edmonds, and others who qualified for the whistleblower title. Colleen Rowley was in two of the same FBI offices that I was assigned. Fred Whitehurst (of the FBI Laboratory fame) spent hours on the phone helping me through the emotional tornado that hits… Continue Reading

An FBI Whistleblower’s Experience: Jane Turner’s Blog Post #2

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By: Jane Turner It is interesting that people think the whistleblowing ordeal is over once a whistleblower has been exonerated. It is never over. A whistleblower’s career is shattered, and the tag of "troublemaker", "unpatriotic", "snitch" or "whistleblower" follows you forever. Why? Because the organization that you blow the whistle on (in my case, the FBI), never forgets what they… Continue Reading

An FBI Whistleblower’s Experience: Jane Turner’s Blog Post #1

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——————————————————————————————————————————– The Whistleblower Protection Blog is proud to present an ongoing series of blog posts by FBI whistleblower Jane Turner. Ms. Turner was a highly respected FBI Agent for 25 years. She worked the "indian country" of South Dakota and specialized in child-crimes, investigating the most heinous offenses imaginable. Despite near-impossible circumstances, Ms. Turner obtained confessions and convictions from countless criminal sociopaths. She… Continue Reading

FBI Whistleblower Awarded Over $1.3 Million

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Yesterday, Minneapolis Chief U.S. District Judge James Rosenbaum ordered the FBI to pay over $1 million to former FBI Agent Jane Turner and her attorneys. Combine that amount with the $360,000 that Turner was awarded by a jury in February 2007, it brings her total court award, to nearly $1.4 Million. The judge’s ruling yesterday dealt yet another solid blow to the FBI, which had filed an objection to… Continue Reading