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New Legislation to Improve IRS Whistleblower Protections

Posted in Tax Justice for Whistleblowers, Tax Whistleblowers
Sen GrassleySen. Chuck Grassley and Sen. Ron Wyden today introduced critically needed legislation to protect tax fraud whistleblowers from workplace retaliation. The National Whistleblower Center strongly believes that this legislation is crucial to effectively prevent honest employees from having their careers destroyed, simply for doing the right thing.… Continue Reading

Congress Passes Major Whistleblower Reforms as Part of Wall Street Reform Bill

Posted in Corporate Whistleblowers
The Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act (H.R. 4173) passed 60-39 by Congress today includes a number of provisions designed to protect employees who report fraud in the commodity and stock exchanges. This is one of the most important whistleblower laws ever passed. The NWC has compiled the sections of this bill that pertain specifically to whistleblowers with a one-sentence summary of each...… Continue Reading

Stephen M. Kohn breaks down S. 372 on Boiling Frogs Post

Posted in FBI Whistleblowers, Legislation
Last week, Stephen M. Kohn was invited by Sibel Edmonds' Boiling Frogs Post to debate Norman L. Eisen, Special Counsel to the President for Ethics and Government Reform on the controversial "Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act" (S. 372). In Mr. Eisen's absence (he declined the invitation to participate), Stephen M. Kohn appeared on Boiling Frogs with Sibel Edmonds and independent moderator Peter B. Collins to discuss his opposition to provisions in the bill that roll back existing whistleblower protections for FBI agents.… Continue Reading

Health Care Bill Enhances Whistleblower Protections

Posted in Legislation
As part of the anti-fraud provisions of the health care legislation passed yesterday, Congress strengthened the False Claims Act - one of the most effective whistleblower laws in the United States - in order to ensure that whistleblowers can expose fraud under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.… Continue Reading

Analysis of Senate Markup Coming Soon

Posted in Legislation, National Security
  Today the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs held its markup of the Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act of 2009 (S. 372). National Whistleblowers Center General Counsel David K. Colapinto has carefully analyzed this complex Senate bill.  His expert analysis and commentary on the Senate bill will be posted here shortly. Mr. Colapinto has represented federal employee whistleblowers… Continue Reading

Obama Administration Supports The Fraud Enforcement and Recovery Act

Posted in Legislation
Here is an update to our earlier posting on S. 386. The Office of Management and Budget issued a Statement of Administration Policy to the Senate on Monday, April 20th stating that the Obama Administration “strongly supports enactment of S. 386.”  The statement explained that the Fraud Enforcement and Recovery Act of 2009 (S. 386) would “benefit U.S. taxpayers by… Continue Reading

Don’t Cut Whistleblowers Out of the Stimulus

Posted in Legislation
Members of the House and Senate have been holed up on Capitol Hill all day negotiating the terms of the President’s economic stimulus package. Earlier today, we learned that the whistleblower protection provisions in the bill were in danger. While the MSM has been reporting for some time that a deal has been struck, we still don’t know the fate… Continue Reading

Federal Law Enforcement Backs Whistleblower Protection

Posted in FBI Whistleblowers, Government Whistleblowers, Legislation, National Security
I am happy to say that we have received another significant endorsement for federal employee whistleblower protections. The Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association has issued a statement in support of the Whistleblower provisions passed by the House of Representatives in the Economic Stimulus package last week, and is urging the Senate to pass the bill with the whistleblower provisions intact.… Continue Reading

Other DC Newspapers Get It….

Posted in Legislation, News
In the battle for the support of DC’s newspapers, whistleblowers are winning 2-1. As we reported yesterday, the Washington Post has come out against the comprehensive whistleblower protection provisions included in the economic stimulus package passed by the House of Representatives last week. The Post went so far as to say that the provisions should be pulled from the bill,… Continue Reading

Washington Post Was Dead Wrong

Posted in Legislation, News
Yesterday, as some of you may know, the Washington Post ran an ill-informed editorial criticizing House Congressional leaders for their inclusion of a government employee whistleblower rights provision in the economic stimulus bill that they passed the House of Representatives last week. (see response to the editorial) The Washington Post says that including whistleblower provisions in the legislation was "disengenous,"… Continue Reading

TODAY — Whistleblower Legislation Committee Vote

Posted in Legislation
  At 3:00 PM TODAY there will be a Rules Committee meeting to vote on amendments to the stimulus legislation. One of the amendments under consideration would include whistleblower protection in the bill This is the optimal time for Congress to pass meaningful whistleblower protection! We are urging everyone to Take Action and tell your Congressman to support amending the… Continue Reading

CBO Says Proposed False Claims Act Amendment Legislation Will Increase Government Revenue

Posted in False Claims / Qui Tam, Legislation
Last week the Congressional Budget Office released this report on the revenue-creating potential of current proposed legislation in the to amend the False Claims Act. Similar bills are now pending in the Senate (S. 2041) and the House of Representatives (H.R. 4854). This marks a turnaround in opinion for the CBO on this issue. In April, the CBO released a… Continue Reading

Last Minute Push for Stronger Whistleblower Protections For Inclusion in Federal Bailout Legislation

Posted in Legislation
 As you know, Congress is about to vote on a bailout bill for the financial  sector. Whether you support this bill or not, we ask that you immediately  call your Senators and demand that strong whistleblower protections be  included in the bill because if we had meaningful whistleblower protection  we probably wouldn’t be in the mess we are in today!!!… Continue Reading

Big Push for Whistleblower Rights

Posted in Corporate Whistleblowers, Government Whistleblowers, Legislation, News
In an unprecedented show of solidarity and hunger for reform, public interest groups from across the political spectrum are urging Congress to pass whistleblower reforms this term. With the Congressional session winding down, and Congress readying a bill to provide massive corporations with hundreds of billions of dollars in taxpayer money, getting the whistleblower legislation passed has never been more urgent. The… Continue Reading

NWC Action Alert Calling for Congress to Add Whistleblower Protection to the “Bailout” Bill

Posted in Government Whistleblowers, Legislation
The National Whistleblower issued this action alert yesterday demanding that Congress amend the banking "bailout" bill to include the whistleblower provisions included in H.R. 985. The alert, written by NWC advocacy director Lindsey Williams, rightly points out that in order to ensure that this taxpayer funded multi-billion dollar lifesaver isn’t subjected to fraud, waste or abuse, the bill should include strong whistleblower… Continue Reading

Federal Whistleblower Law Still Languishing, but Reid Says He is Committed

Posted in FBI Whistleblowers, Government Whistleblowers, Legislation
In March 2007 the House of Representatives passed HR.985, strong legislation to protect federal employee whistleblowers. The measure passed  by a margin of 331-94.  In December 2007 the Senate unanimously passed S.274, its version of the law. It is now August 2008, and Congress has not taken a single action to pass these reforms. Conference members have not been selected.… Continue Reading

CPSC Reform Signed by Bush; Contains Whistleblower Protection for 20 Million Employees

Posted in Corporate Whistleblowers, Legislation, News
Today, with a stroke of his pen, President Bush ensured that over 20 million private sector employees would be protected when they report unsafe consumer goods. The protections are part of a bill that constitutes an overhaul of the Consumer Product Safety Reform Commission and places tough new regulations on manufacturers.   After hammering out the details in conference committee,… Continue Reading

Unofficial Reports: Consumer Product Whistleblowers Protections APPROVED!

Posted in Legislation
Although the House/Senate conference committee has yet to issue its official conference report, many news outlets are now reporting that the final language has been approved, and that whistleblower protections for private sector manufacturing employees  will be included in the final version of the Consumer Product Safety Commission Reform Act (HR.4040)! If these reports are correct (and we have no… Continue Reading

AmeriGroup and CoxHealth Settle FCA Cases — Big Fraud Recovery for US Taxpayers

Posted in False Claims / Qui Tam
Two False Claims Act Settlements were reported yesterday, totaling approximately $280 million in fraudulently obtained government contract money that is now being returned to the US taxpayers. Health insurance giant Amerigroup has settled with the governments of the United States and the State of Illinois, agreeing to pay $225 million plus legal fees. Amerigroup was exposed by whistleblower Cleveland Tyson,… Continue Reading

False Claims Act Correction Act (S.2041) Approved by Committee, Heading to the Senate Floor

Posted in False Claims / Qui Tam, Legislation
As was widely expected, the FCA Corrections Act was quickly approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee yesterday, and will now face a fight on the Senate floor. Committee member Charles Grassley, who has been considered to be the father of the modern False Claims Act since resuscitating the law in 1986 , has shepherded the bill this far, with bi-partisan… Continue Reading