In an unprecedented show of solidarity and hunger for reform, public interest groups from across the political spectrum are urging Congress to pass whistleblower reforms this term. With the Congressional session winding down, and Congress readying a bill to provide massive corporations with hundreds of billions of dollars in taxpayer money, getting the whistleblower legislation passed has never been more urgent.

The following press release was issued yesterday by a coalition of good government groups including the National Whistleblowers Center and the Government Accountability Project. It includes links to three sign-on letters, representing over 200 organizations and millions of Americans, to Congressional leaders detailing the urgent need for whistleblower protections.

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I attended the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing this morning on the False Claims Act Correction Act of 2007.  Senators Leahy, Specter, Grassley and Durbin all attended intermittently, with Senator Grassley being the only member to attend the entire hearing. The witnesses were :

•    Michael Herz, a Deputy Assistant Attorney General representing  the Justice Department ;
•    Tina Gonter, a Qui Tam whistleblower;
•    John Clark, a former federal judge, now a Qui Tam attorney;
•    John Boese, a corporate attorney, representing the views of the U.S.  Chamber of Commerce.

Although each of the panelists had a distinctly different viewpoint on the False Claims Act, they did agree on one thing: that the FCA – having rooted out $20 billion in fraud since 1986, including $5 billion since 2005 — is a highly effective fraud-fighting tool and it should be kept that way.  But what should be done to upgrade the law, if anything?

Mr. Herz and the Department of Justice expressed agreement with some of the reforms in S.2041 (such as increasing the statute of limitations to ten years), …

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