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Obama’s Hardest Promise: Protecting Workers Who Blow The Whistle

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Senator Barack Obama won the presidential election this week running as the candidate for change. The change he promised included bringing transparency and accountability back into the federal government. During the past year, we have watched President-Elect Obama use his persuasive oratory to change the American political landscape. His oratory included strong public commitments to ensure effective government oversight and… Continue Reading

Administration’s Narrow SOX Interpretation Kills Many Whistleblower Suits

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In 2002, Congress passed a sweeping corporate reform bill known as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX). This legislation was a direct result of the crimes committed by publicly traded companies such as Enron and Worldcom. In drafting the bill, lawmakers wisely recognized that SOX would be meaningless without the "teeth" of a strong whistleblower protection provision. And when President Bush signed the bill, it… Continue Reading

Whistleblower News Roundup

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It’s been a week since our last post, and a lot has happened in the world of whistleblower protection since then. Here are some of the high (and low) lights: ITS OFFICIAL! The CPSC Reform Act (HR.4040/S.2663) will contain strong whistleblower protections for private sector employees who report safety violations to their managers or through the Consumer Product Safety Commission.… Continue Reading

Sarbanes-Oxley FAQ

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What Federal laws protect whistleblowers who report corporate fraud? In 2002, Congress passed the historic Sarbanes-Oxley Act which protects employees of publicly traded companies who report violations of Securities and Exchange Commission regulations or any provision of federal law relating to fraud against the shareholders. Who is protected? Employees of publicly traded companies and contractors, subcontractors, and agencies of publicly… Continue Reading